Steel trading

We source finished steel products from some of the best steel producers in the global market and enjoy excellent terms with leading producers, their subsidiaries and export houses, which is indicative of our commitment to quality.

Given the global demand for steel, we maintain business terms with leading producers in Malaysia, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine. In all cases, the quality of finished product supplied is guaranteed. We can source any particular specification and quantity of finished steel product if these can be provided by producers. There is, otherwise, no limitation or constraint to what we can supply to clients.

We cater to a range of industries such as construction, packaging, automotive, transport, consumer products and energy & power, and are currently sourcing the following kinds of steel products:


Flat Products
  • Hot / cold rolled products
  • Tinplate coils / sheets
  • Full hard and black plate


Long Products
  • Structural steel
  • Foundations
  • Lightsteel
  • Further products available


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